The Symposium

As we move out of these unprecedented times, at least for our generation, to the next normal, there is a pressing need to discuss the consequences of the Anthropocene era a fast-moving world with incomparable technological and socio-cultural changes to tackle numerous challenges and confront the dictates of New Data Economy and the Digital Transformation Robotics, AI, IoT, Industry 4.0, 3D printing, AR/VR to name the most important drivers and on the other hand, develop the Disruption Technologies that will fabricate the foundations of the New Age.
This first Symposium aims to explore how the Ancient Greek thought may assist us to confront these issues and eventually to evolve a Greek Scientific Paradigm.

Panel Discussions

Can the principles of the Ancient Greek Philosophy serve as guidance to answer to our concerns of the post-COVID era?

How the scientists in the emerging technologies – in the most interdisciplinary mode ever – have to adjust to the new advancements within an ethical framework? what issues have to be considered in this respect?

How the new discoveries will disrupt the industry and especially, the biopharma revolution? what is the role of the industry in preserving society’s wellbeing?

How the governments should anticipate the new reality, spark a wave of innovation for the scientific community and the industry, and prepare the citizens to become digital-enabled within this transition period?

The Speakers


Ms Anna Diamantopoulou

President of DIKTYO – Candidate for OECD SecGen, former EU Commissioner and Greek Cabinet Minister

Prof. George Chrousos

Chair of the Symposium Professor of Paediatrics and Endocrinology,                  UNESCO Chair


Prof. Stamatios Krimigis

Head Emeritus of the Space Department Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, member of Academy of Athens

Prof. Constantinos Daskalakis

Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sc, MIT,  Rolf Nevanlinna Prize, Grace Murray Hopper Award.


Professor Joseph Sifakis

Laureate of the 2007 Turing Award, Emeritus Senior CNRS Researcher at Verimag, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique


Dr Emmanuel R. Goffi

Philosopher Director of Observatory on Ethics & AI, Institut Sapiens


Prof. Spyros Artavanis-Tsakonas

Professor Em. in the Department of Cell Biology at Harvard and Professeur honoraire au Collège de France, former Chief Scientific Officer for Biogen



Dr George D. Yancopoulos

President and Chief Scientific Officer, Regeneron, has built and managed Regeneron alongside Dr. Schleifer since 1989. principal inventor of Regeneron’s seven FDA-approved drugs and foundational technologies, including the TRAP technology, VelociGene® and VelocImmune®. 


Prof. Voula Tsouna-McKirahan

Professor of Philosophy Department Co-Chair, University of California, Santa Barbara

More Speakers To be Announced Soon


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