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the GSS Inaugural Conference on Quantum Computing on "Harnessing Greece & Cyprus potential in Quantum Computing: plan for a Quantum leap beyond 2030"

The conference "Harnessing Greece & Cyprus potential in Quantum Computing: plan for a Quantum leap beyond 2030" is a gathering of Academics / Researchers, Industry Experts, Policymakers, and Civil Society representatives in the field of Quantum Computing. The event aims to explore the potential of Greece and Cyprus in the field of Quantum Computing and identify ways to utilize this potential to achieve a quantum leap beyond 2030.

The conference aims to cover various topics related to Quantum Computing, including quantum algorithms, quantum simulation, quantum communication, quantum cryptography, and quantum hardware, featuring keynote speeches, and panel discussions by renowned experts in the field.

Speakers Confirmed so far

NOTE: the event date may change due to the Greek elections

The event will take place at Piraeus Chamberof Commerce & Industry and virtually at the GSS Event Platform
  • P1. The Global Landscape of Quantum Computing (QC): expected advancements in QC by 2030

    Panel Description: Quantum Computing has the potential to revolutionize computing and solve complex problems in science, medicine, finance, and more. This panel will provide a global perspective on the advancements in Quantum Computing that are expected to take place by 2030. The Discussants will analyse the latest developments in quantum hardware, software, and algorithms, and explore the potential impact of Quantum Computing on different industries and fields.

  • P2. Building a Quantum Ecosystem: Leveraging Greece & Cyprus' Unique Advantages for Quantum Computing Innovation

    Panel Description: Greece and Cyprus have a rich history of scientific and technological innovation, and are uniquely positioned to make significant contributions to the global Quantum Computing ecosystem. This panel will explore the unique advantages of Greece and Cyprus for Quantum Computing innovation, and discuss strategies for building a thriving quantum ecosystem in the region.

Meet the GSS Online Academy

Introducing the GSS Online Academy, exclusively designed for Scientists and Technologists seeking to push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. Discover the transformative power of reskilling and upskilling with our Online Academy. Our Online Academy is your gateway to honing skills, expanding expertise, and driving impactful advancements in the Science & Technology (S&T) field.

We invite Corporates to develop customized educational programs on S&T, meticulously tailored to their personnel, enabling targeted skill development and professional growth within their organization.

Introducing the first GSS's 3-day course on

"Basic principles and practices of Clinical and Translational Research"

Intended Audience. This course will be of interest to Physicians, Scientists, Medical and Dental students, Nurses, public health Professionals, and others conducting or planning a career in clinical research. It is also valuable for individuals who are involved in the administration or management of Clinical Research programs, including Research Coordinators, Data Managers, and Quality Assurance Professionals. Additionally, individuals who are involved in the regulation of clinical research, such as members of Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), will find this course relevant to their work.

The course is designed to be accessible to individuals with varying levels of experience and expertise in clinical research, from those who are new to the field to experienced professionals who wish to refresh their knowledge and skills.

The event will take place at the Hellenic American Union Theatre and virtually at the GSS Event Platform

The “Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical & Translational Research” course trains registrants on how to effectively and safely conduct clinical research. The course focuses on the spectrum of clinical research and the research process by highlighting biostatistical and epidemiologic methods, study design, protocol preparation, patient monitoring, quality assurance, ethical and legal issues, and much more.

Additionally, the course covers the various stages of Clinical Research, including the development of hypotheses and research questions, the design of clinical trials, the collection and analysis of data, and the dissemination of results. The course also covers the key considerations for patient safety and the ethical considerations involved in conducting clinical research, such as informed consent, privacy, and data protection.

Attendance can be used as continuing education for those who are seeking to maintain or enhance their professional credentials in the field. Attending the course "Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical & Translational Research" can provide a solid foundation for individuals who are interested in pursuing further
education and training in Clinical & Translational Research, including Master's degree programs or Doctoral programs in related fields.

Academic Directors: Professors George P. Chrousos and Charalambos Gogos

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