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The post-COVID World “new normal”

Humanity is entering unprecedented technological and socio-cultural changes that will lead to the advent of a new paradigm with major structural changes, shifting even further from digital to hybrid virtual transformation.

bioGLOT Ventures aspires to pave the brave new world by facilitating and nurturing the new business and especially those in Research with deep tech innovation disruptions and where applicable, digital twin technologies in various verticals while we will enable Corporates to take advantage of AI-solutions.

In this direction, we establish the Greek Scientists Society developing the necessary tools and providing the necessary means for successfully implement their Research and then market their results.

Although we are field agnostic and we invite Scientists from all disciplines, we focus at first on the Biomed sector with the establishment of the

Hellenic Biomed Network

Our Team

Theo Zacharis

Innovation & Strategy Advisor


Professor Chrousos-George

Our Scientific Advisory Board

Why Join Greek Scientists Society


Greek Scientists Society promotes networking within the community of Greek Scientists from all over the world and facilitates all necessary actions to assist those Scientists who wish to successfully commercialise the outcome of their Intellectual work.

Professional Development

We aspire to develop a virtual ecosystem, having in its core the Greek Researchers and their teams whose research, ideas and inventions result in spin-offs and start-ups, assisted them by Research, Funding and Support Organisations, various Service Providers and the Corporate world.

Fellowships and Awards

We also wish to offer advice to young Scientists and even to STEM students in a way to promote the Entrepreneurial spirit and prepare them to become the next Gen of Greek start-uppers. 

A certain percentage of our profits will be given back to the Community through Fellowships and Awards

Public Engagement & Science Policies

We wish to increase social awareness of Research & Development in the public opinion in Greece and Cyprus and promote R&D in the society in general, serving as Scientific Advisors.

International Collaborations

We wish finally, to promote International Collaborations and mediate between International Institutions and the Greek and Cypriot ones, as per bioGLOT Ventures model below.

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