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Welcome to the Greek Scientists Society for Greeks and Cypriots all over the world.

Our vision is to build the Greek Scientists Society (GSS), starting with the Hellenic Biomed Network (HBN) in a way to connect all Greeks – in Greece, Cyprus, and Diaspora – that will promote our e-ecosystem and support a thriving start-up Community for a successful Greek paradigm.

 Welcome to the

 Greek Scientists Society

We believe that Science and Technology are the fundamental drivers that bring Humanity social and economic improvement leading to knowledge-based communities and networks that thrive in the international landscape.

for Greeks




Scientific Research

§ Promote discovery through scientific research

Training & Re-skilling

§ Train scientists for the future

International Networks

§ Build international networks for the participation of Greece and Cyprus in global science

Biology-based entrepreneurship

§ Promote biology-based entrepreneurship

We wish to blend the best of greeks in greece, cyprus and the Diaspora

Building Knowledge and Capacities

through scientific research and the training of young investigators in other than biomedical concepts like AI, Entrepreneurship, Law, etc

Building Global Network

of Greeks at first in Biomed, through innovative programs of collaboration with local and foreign Greek and Greek-origin scientists and entrepreneurs

Building Value

by developing technologies and products that serve the needs of society

Cultivate Hellenic Biomed Network ecosystem

for the Greek Biomed Community in Greece, Cyprus, and the rest of the world. The rest Disciplines will follow

Meet Our Team

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Theo Zacharis

Innovation & Strategy Consultant

Cristina Pas

Executive Assistant

Justin Seers

Investment Management

Agatha Dorian

UK Business

Basil Hartzoulakis

Product & Innovation Strategist

Meet Our

Prof. George Chrousos
Anna Diamantopoulou
Prof. George Vassiliou
Dr. Evi Hatziandreou
Dr Kimon Angelides

Greek Scientists society




In our initiative, Professor George Chrousos is the Head of our Advisory Board along with many prominent members of the Greek and Cypriot Community in a way to advance a Greek Scientific paradigm (inter and multi-disciplinary) for the 21st century.

Networking with Universities, Research Organisations, Investors, support organizations (like Incubators, Accelerators), service provider organizations (legal, financial services, etc.), and connection with the Corporate world, GSS will also enable Professional Development for the members, International Collaborations, Fellowships, and Other Initiatives.



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